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[New Journey] The 100-year-old Shenyang City Key Project

Source: Zhejiang Yibaisui Group Co., LtdPublished time:2020-04-28

On April 15th, the key spring of 2020 key projects in central Liaoning District and the groundbreaking ceremony of the Liaoning 100-year-old International Home Building Materials Industrial Park Project opened the spring chapter in the bloom of fireworks.

Liaoning Baisui International Home Building Materials Industrial Park Project is invested and built by Zhejiang Baiqiang Technology Enterprise 100-year-old Group in Liaozhong District. The project has an initial plan of 400 mu and a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The park planning mainly includes production and processing areas and supporting sharing Area, sales display information service and parts supply center and other functional areas, logistics area.、

In the speech, Li Qiufeng, the general manager of Baisui Group, said: The groundbreaking ceremony of the project was honored to invite the leaders of the city and district at all levels and the arrival of excellent enterprises. Here, on behalf of Baisui Group, we warmly welcome. The 100-year-old international home building materials industrial park project has been highly valued and strongly supported by the governments of Shenyang City and Liaozhong District. The excellent business environment in Liaozhong allows us to develop here with peace of mind. The groundbreaking ceremony is just the starting point, strive for early results, strengthen time awareness and quality awareness, strive for time and effort, and strive to complete the project as soon as possible, put it into operation early, get results early Serve the people of Liaozhong. At present, the Group has signed investment agreements for four projects with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. We are confident in cultivating and attracting more good enterprises and good projects to help industrial upgrading. "

The 100-year-old general manager Li Qiufeng introduced the 100-year-old Shenyang project to the district head Bu Shijie