Comprehensive perspective, integration of specialty, overall optimization, collaborative implementation


● In 1982, the third Pujiang Garment Factory was established. The products sell well all over the country and enter Beijing Department Stores. They are exported to Russia and other places, and became the leading enterprises in the textile industry in southern Zhejiang at that time.

● In 1993, Pujiang High-tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established.

● In 1997, the "Zhejiang Jianxin Group" was established, and the "100-year-old" Jianxin oral solution was jointly developed with Shanghai East China Normal University, bringing the gospel to the "hyperlipidemia" population.

● In 2001, cooperated with Shanghai Air Administration to successfully develop Shanghai Guoji Road Commercial Street.

● 2002 + Long live small business venture base (covering an area of 400 acres)

● In 2007+ construction and development of “52 companies in Yinzhou Yiwu Industrial Park” and 48 companies in Dongyang Baisui Industrial Park

● Development and construction of “100-year-old Tianyuan” project in Zhejiang Pujiang in 2012; establishment of cross-strait biotechnology product cooperation with Taiwan Medical Association

● In 2013, Zhejiang Pujiang "Hundred Years Old Textile Industrial Park" and "Xiaoji Lake Yibo Village" project planning completed

● In 2014, Shenyang “Hundred Years Wanhui City” project was approved; “Hundred Years Tianyuan” project was completed and delivered

● In 2015, the project of "Northeast Auto Parts and Mold Industrial City" in Liaoning was established, with a planned area of 2,000 acres. Key projects in Shenyang in 2015

● In 2016, the construction of “100-year-old Wanhui City” in Shenyang began, and the project of “100-year-old Shenyang Life Science Industrial Park” was completed.

● In 2017, we cooperated with Zhejiang University to develop a series of “Okra” products with laxative weight-loss function.

● In 2018, it cooperated with China Medical University to establish "Shenyang Baisui Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd."; completed the development and construction of the "100-year-old Medical Daxi Street" project

● The first phase of construction of 1,000 acres of “Tianjin Cross-Strait Biotechnology Industrial Park” started in 2019

● 50,000 square meters of commercial complex in Shenyang “Hundred Years Old Wanhui City” officially opened

● In 2019, the light industry base in Northeast Asia was grandly launched, with a total planning area of about 750000 square meters, and the "Phase I Project" of about 300000 square meters. The project was rated as the key project of Liaoyang City in 2019

● The 2022 Liaoning Centenary Surface Decoration Industrial Park's grand opening ceremony was held. This project is a key project in Liaoning Province and an important pivot for connecting with the core development axis of Shenyang's international high-end functions

● The Spring Resumption Ceremony of Liaoning Baisui Surface Decoration Industrial Park in 2023 was Successfully Held

● The construction of the "Project Phase I" of Shenyang Baishi Life Science Industrial Park will commence in 2023, with a planned area of approximately 40000 square meters

[Once received honor]

• 500 of the largest private enterprises in the country

The top 100 scientific and technological enterprises in Zhejiang

Zhejiang provincial contract, heavy credit AA Enterprises

Zhejiang Health Goods Industry Association governing unit

Winning the title of China's outstanding enterprises in 2005