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Wang Fengbo and Wang Yibing met with Zhejiang 100-year-old group and other business customers

Source: Zhejiang Yibaisui Group Co., LtdPublished time:2020-03-18

Meet the scene

On February 20, Wang Fengbo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Wang Yibing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Wang Yibing met with Zheng Wengui, General Manager of the Zhejiang 100-year-old Group, Li Qiufeng, General Manager, Wu Weihong, Chairman of Zhejiang Wansui Co., Ltd., and Yang Jiexing, General Manager of Zhejiang China Guangdong Printing Co. , Liaoning Shoe Chamber of Commerce President Di North, to discuss investment cooperation, project implementation and other issues. Hu Yichong, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Xin, secretary of the county party committee, Luo Kuiliang, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and county magistrate Xu Fuhan attended the meeting.

Municipal Party Secretary Wang Fengbo and Zhejiang 100-year-old Group

Chairman Zheng Wengui conducted in-depth exchanges on project construction
Wang Fengbo welcomed customers from Zhejiang 100-year-old Group and other enterprises to visit Liaoyang. He said that Liaoyang is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,300 years. Under the guidance of the Northeast Revitalization Strategy, the development situation is good. Especially last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Liaoyang and reiterated that "two unwavering" brought the whole city up and down. Greatly encouraged. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the city put forward the development strategic positioning of "four Liaoyang cities" in its comprehensive construction. In the process of advancement, it insisted on giving priority to investment promotion and project construction. Cooperation, actively introduce outstanding enterprises to Liaoyang for development. At the same time, Liaoyang County is also a county with a relatively strong industrial base within the city. On the basis of actively promoting the construction of industrial parks, Liaoyang County accelerates the development of high-tech industries and cultivates new momentum for economic development. Zhejiang 100-year-old Group and other enterprises are strong, hoping to give full play to the advantages of Zhejiang businessmen, strengthen mutual cooperation and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of our city. The municipal party committee and government will create the best environment, provide the best services, and promote the implementation of cooperative projects.

Meet the scene
Merchants such as Zheng Wengui said that they will use their advantages in market development, brand building, and investment promotion to contribute to the economic development of Liaoyang.

Meet the scene

It is understood that Zhejiang 100-year-old Group is a well-known enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has successfully created "Luzhou Yiwu Industrial Park", Dongyang Hengdian SME Industrial Park, "Pujiang Viva Industrial Park", "Zhejiang Baisu Textile Industrial Park" Industrial real estate projects such as "Science and Technology Industrial Park", commercial real estate projects such as "Shenyang Centenary Medical Daxi Street", "Pujiang Automobile City" and real estate projects such as "Southern Pearl" in Hainan. Since December 2018, our county has actively engaged in in-depth discussions with the 100-year-old group and has done a lot of preliminary work. The company aimed at the resources and business opportunities of our county and the Shenyang Economic Zone, discussed with the Liaoning Footwear Chamber of Commerce, the Zhejiang Industry Association, and the Wenzhou Packaging Enterprises Association, and made a preliminary idea and plan for the investment and construction of a light industrial base. Xiaobeihe Socks, Liuerbao Shoes and other existing industrial foundations, to build a "Northeast Asia Light Industry Industrial Base" project in Xiaobeihe Town, intending to lengthen the industrial chain on the industrial layout, improve industrial support, and enhance the industrial market position Promote the development of enterprise scale.